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Free Christian Content for your Website

The following script is made available for free to Christian organizations wishing to display a Proverb on their website. The Proverbs selected for this are limited to the shorter ones, to minimize the amount of space needed on your site. Currently only the NIV version is available. If you would like to contribute additional versions, please contact me at cindy@wireddisciple.org.

Copy and paste this code to use it right now!

<img src="http://www.wireddisciple.org/proverb.php">
<!-- Get these proverbs for your own website at http://www.wireddisciple.org/proverbs -->

Please keep the credits in your souce code. You do not need to show a visible link unless you choose.

Default Settings

The default font is a calligraphy font (Lucida Calligraphy).
The default width of the image is 250 pixels.
The default font color is black.
The default background is transparent.

Customize the Appearance

To modify the appearance, first add a "?" (question mark) to the end of the URL, then add any of the following selections. If adding multiple selections, you'll need to insert an "&" (ampersand) between them in the URL.

Spanish Language

To change the language to use Spanish-language Proverbs, add the following code: "v=Spanish". If you would like the Proverbs available in another language, please contact me at cindy@wireddisciple.org to discuss.
<img src="http://www.wireddisciple.org/proverb.php?v=Spanish">

Font Face

To change font, add the following code: "ft=5". Choices for are fonts 1-16. The default font shown if no ft specification is included in the URL is Lucida Calligraphy, font #1. If you have a particular font you would like to use that is not currently available, please contact me at cindy@wireddisciple.org for assistance. It's easy for me to make available any TrueType font (TTF) file if you can send it to me.
<img src="http://www.wireddisciple.org/proverb.php?ft=5">

Font Size

NEW! Font size is now configurable! Most fonts are set by default to something around "15". You can change your font size by adding fs=12, where "12" is the size you define.
<img src="http://www.wireddisciple.org/proverb.php?fs=10">

Font Color

To change the font color, set fc= RGB hex value, e.g., fc=FFFFFF.
<img src="http://www.wireddisciple.org/proverb.php?fc=FFFFFF">

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I promise not to share your information with anyone or send you any spam. I'm just curious where this will be used! Thanks.

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Background Color

To change the background color, set bc= RGB hex value, e.g., bc=000000
<img src="http://www.wireddisciple.org/proverb.php?bc=000000">


To change the width of the image, set w= your size in pixels. For instance, w=400 will set it to 400 pixels wide. It's best to not go less than 250 pixels in width, as you'll begin to get just one or two words per line and it looks funny. The height will automatically adjust each time the image is loaded, but typically shouldn't be more than 150 pixels when the width is set to 250. The wider you make it, the shorter it will be.
<img src="http://www.wireddisciple.org/proverb.php?w=400">

Putting it all together

Any combination (or none) of the variables can be included. If you use all of the above examples, the image displayed on your website would be this:
<img src="http://www.wireddisciple.org/proverb.php?ft=5&w=400&fc=000000&bc=000000">
<!-- Get these proverbs for your own website at http://www.wireddisciple.org/proverbs -->


How do I make it work?

There is one customizable line of code you insert into your website as an image tag. The script randomly picks one Proverb and returns it in the font, color and image width you configure, displaying the Proverb as an image on your site. Each time your page is viewed the image tag/script displays a different Proverb, giving the impression of dynamic content to your site.

Can I use typical image attributes?

You can use the standard image tag elements as you see fit, setting the border to zero if you prefer, and aligning to the right, centering, adding hspace or vspace, etc. DO NOT set the height in the image tag. You determine the width in the URL, the script automatically adjusts the height of the image to fit the length of the Proverb, and may change from one Proverb to another.

What type of web page do I have to you use?

Any type. It works on .htm, .php, .asp, etc. You don't need any special privileges such as Server Side Includes enabled. It's just an image tag, as with any other image you display on your page. It can go anywhere a regular image can go: in a table, in a file include. It can be set up as a link. Whatever you can do with a typical image you can do with this.

Why isn't the text or background showing on my site?

Double check your image URL. The "fc" and "bc" values cannot be the same values. (Well, they can, but white letters on a white background aren't legible.) Make sure the "bc" color isn't the same as the background color of your page if you want a different image background color to be visible. When using a transparent background, be sure your "fc" value isn't the same as your page background color. A quick way to test what your image will look like is to type the full image URL into a browser, without the <img> code, for instance: http://www.wireddisciple.org/proverb.php?ft=9&w=500&fc=000099&bc=FFFFCC

Can I use a different font or format the font?

No. The only fonts available are the ones shown in the table above. If you would like a different font, or would like a variation on one of these fonts (such as bold, italics, or a different size), please contact me at cindy@wireddisciple.org with your request. I can easily create new font choices, just let me know what you want. Please be sure to include your e-mail address, as I may need your assistance in determining which font you need and where to get it.

Do I have to include the commented credit to the Wired Disciple Project?

No. This script works fine without the comment. But since you're getting this for free, please consider including the comments in your code for other webmasters who wish to use this free service as well.

The words on the right get cut off. Why?

They shouldn't! I think I've corrected this problem, but if you notice it, please contact me immediately at cindy@wireddisciple.org and include your image URL in it. I need to know which font you are using in order to fix the problem!

How is this different from other free content?

1. Most free content applications that offer a bible verse to include on your site rely on JavaScript. (You can tell if it does by the code you include on your site, usually the filename ends in ".js" and requires you to use something similar to: <script language="JavaScript1.2" src="filename.js"></script>.) This script actually returns an image to the web browser, and therefore does not not rely on the browser being able to interpret JavaScript nor have JavaScript enabled. This means it will be seen on all browsers, no doubts for older or non-standard browsers, nor browsers with JavaScript disabled.

2. This is customizable allowing you to use any font and colors to match your site design, even if it's not a standard font found on most computers (because it's an image, not plain text). If you have a font you'd like to use that's not listed, please contact me to set it up as a choice.

3. No visible credits or links to another site. No fee. Please keep the credit back to this site in your source code for other webmasters who would like to include it on their site. Thank you.

Why did you do this?

One of the gifts God has given me is the ability to do cool things on the Internet. He plants ideas in my head, I do them. This was one of them. Please use the Wired Proverbs to help spread His word. One of the biggest concerns among Christians today is their lack of knowledge about the bible. Hopefully this will help.


Visible credits are not requested. However, if you would like to acknowledge the source of this script, we recommend the following placed immediately beneath your proverb:
Proverbs provided courtesy of the <a href="http://www.wireddisciple.org/proverbs/">Wired Disciple Project</a>.

We would like to thank the members of the United Methodist UMCONNECT group for their assistance in preparing the Proverbs. Many thanks to the efforts of Paul Ashley providing the Spanish version!

The Wired Disciple Project is a ministry of Reeves Digital Development, a web design company specializing in reasonable-cost Internet solutions for small businesses, Christian and non-profit organizations.